Frandme.Education named ‘Preferred Vendor’ for Miami-Dade public school district

MIAMI – FrandMe.Education, a leading developer of websites and apps for large organizations, has been named an “approved vendor” for the Miami-Dade Public School District.

In this capacity, FrandMe.Education is now eligible to build and host secure websites for the 392 Miami- Dade schools and classes, clubs, and sports teams. Miami-Dade County Public Schools is the fourth largest school district in the United States with more than 345,000 students and over 40,000 employees.

“We are honored to have been selected,” said Dimitry Shaposhnikov, Chief Technology Officer of FrandMe. “Our platform has been specifically designed to cater to the needs of organizations that want to reach large numbers of people quickly. FrandMe creates a closed environment made up of school administrators, teachers, students and parents. It has the ability to provide timely information to this large audience with secure communications via a website and app.”

In addition to being able to create a beautiful and fresh ADA compliant school website for the public, every teacher is given a personal website that they are able to customize in any way they would like. Updates and changes can be made quickly and easily. Assignments, due dates, testing schedules, class syllabus, special events or even fun class photos may all be part of an individual site. Because every student is registered to their teachers, the websites, discussion boards and individual communications are all secured and archived for future reference if needed.

The FrandMe platform, in addition to its website and communication elements, also offers a security code-system that goes out to the recipients as push notifications directly on their phone or tablet. In the case of a Code Red, FrandMe’s patented geo-tracking system directly alerts police and first responders exactly where the danger is located. This platform is ideal for schools, houses of worships, and businesses seeking a one-stop solution to a variety of issues.

FrandMe’s website and security platform includes the following features:

  • Dynamic and professional website with ease of editing features
  • Full ADA compliance with voice activation as well as text enlargement
  • Hundreds of website templates providing schools with a wide range of quality designs
  • Easy transfer of the information on current website by FrandMe staff
  • FREE additional personal website for each teacher in participating schools
  • Secure communication capability between school, teacher, student and parent
  • Full integrated Code Red security alert direct to first responders with geo-tracking
  • Codes Yellow and Blue for internal emergency use or notifications included in program
  • Platform works on any instrument: phone, laptop or tablet