About Us

FrandMe Inc. is a direct off-shoot from DSXpress, a custom website, and mobile application development company, servicing clients for over 18 years and building in excess of 2,500 internet and mobile applications.  After Sandy Hook and the many school shootings that followed through 2015,  and recognizing the need for fast, simple and direct security and communications for schools and businesses, FrandMe was created. 

Utilizing a team of 37 in-house developers, designers, and project managers, FrandMe’s focus has been on the development and patenting of communication systems, including a web-based Code Red alert system designed to go direct by phone call and audible alert to first responders,  complete with patent-pending “Danger Next To Me” geo-tracking of any intruder. This exclusive system is triggered by teachers, staff and administrators while in a “code red” alert and provide law enforcement the ability to know exactly where the intruder is located, even if on an upper floor, and track if they are moving. The FrandMe platform effectively addresses every challenge experienced during the Parkland tragedy. Additionally, we have added communication platforms to directly assist law enforcement with internal communications between departments and agencies.

The FrandMe system is fully transparent, giving all parties registered to a particular school, business or precinct access to exchange communications and updates.  It is also fully secure, both in its communication platform as well as the security it provides through FrandMe’s “code red” applications.  Because the system is user-friendly and utilized daily for general communication, it creates familiarity and comfort among users so utilization at times of emergency becomes automatic.